Meet Mandy. Leadership Guide
& Heart-Driven CEO

Mandy is a seasoned Founder, CEO and Executive Coach passionate about the human side of business. She's pioneered many ventures in the women's business space, guiding more than 15,000 women in leadership to become their best selves.

Mandy created The Well ( formerly The ACE Collective ) originally as a place for women to come together to share wisdom, experiences and let their guard down. Mandy was searching for a space like this after her toughest season, the loss of a business and, the loss of her father. She found it challenging to be real with the people in her current circle, so she created what she was longing for. In 2017 she created a brunch experience that sparked a movement across Canada that impacted thousands of women.

In 2021, she reached a breaking point that brought her to a breakdown that changed it all.  After a mini sabbatical, she reclaimed her life, wrote a book and took a sharp right turn with her business. Her vision expanded and her niche narrowed, dedicating herself to helping other high-achieving professional women overcome business burnout. 

Today, The Well is a private network that is helping to shape a new era of business —where women are choosing their well-being and expressing their truth, re-writing the narrative on what 'success'
and fulfillment really mean. 

This community represents the intersection between personal evolution and business success. Mandy and our team of Expert Facilitators guide women who are committed to becoming their best self through exploring childhood experiences, energetics and boundary work to heal conditioned and habitual patterns that are impacting your work, relationship to yourself and life, to build strategies for freedom and fulfillment that are aligned with your most expressed, authentic self. 

The Well offers a private and confidential network, a proven path to awakening, retreats and Mastermind Groups.


I'm going to keep it real with you...

Hustle used to be my middle name.

For more than a decade, building three businesses, and navigating all seasons of entrepreneurship, pedal down was the only way I knew how to operate.

Busy, felt safe.

In the fall of 2021, I found myself at the end of my rope.

Years of running on fumes, suppressing my needs, my feelings and my voice caught up to me.

Brené Brown calls it a spiritual awakening...I call it a walk out because that's what I did, I walked out. 

I could no longer operate from urgent and on-fire. 

I decided I wasn't going to tolerate living life on the last 6 inches of the treadmill and, I knew that I could no longer bump myself down to the bottom of my list.

On the verge of burning it all down, I decided to take my power back. 

What changed?

I went deeper than the surface level "work".
I realized that my burnout was simply a symptom of something much deeper, something I had carried with me my whole life.
I found ways to heal myself from within, to restore trust in my own inner world. 
I learned how to open myself up to receive, and to let others in.

This deep healing has allowed me to move from a place of self-criticism, doubt and shame and find a place of love, acceptance and freedom for myself and how I lead myself, my marriage, my business and my community.  

No more self-help without practical application.
No more surface level  "I'm fine" and "it's fine".
No more scaling at the expense of my well-being.
No more trying to do it all alone or settling. 

When I began to share my truth, it gave voice to what others were experiencing in isolation. 

Can you relate? 

You're not alone and, I'm honoured you're here. 



A well-spring of resource

A space for leaders and entrepreneurs to share experiences, resources, wisdom, and perspective-shifting conversations that will leave you overflowing, energized and open to possibility. 

Life-force stimulating

Here, you'll peel back the armour, drop the pressures and learn how to come alive in your leadership while prioritizing your well-being. 


In ancient times the well was often located at the center of a community. A gathering place where the community drew water — the basic sustenance for vitality and well-being. 


The Mission

When you join this movement you're saying yes to ...

Liberating yourself from burnout and overwhelm so that you can step fully into the fullest expression of who you are. When you learn how to trust your authentic power you can lead, love and live in alignment with
 your true purpose. 

The Well exists for the leaders, the creators, the visionaries, the mavericks — the change makers, disruptors and seekers. 

Whether you're an entrepreneur, leader, or simply a woman looking to live your best life, you’re welcome to take your guard down here. 

Join us for expansive growth, connection and radical transformation as you expand into living a wealthy, well-resourced and well-nourished life, on your terms.

Shoulder to shoulder, let's dive in.



Come ALIVE in your business by enhancing your leadership and deepening your connection to your own inner flame.


Free yourself from your own limits, walking tall in your life, living and leading on your own terms.


Heart-first, intimate connection, equal parts curious, honest and expansive. Space where you feel free to BE all of who you are.

She's present to her service and,
present to her power. 

The Well Resourced Woman


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