Inspiring SUCCESS


The Women in our community have all gone through incredible transformations to have better lives. They have created more intimate relationships, more impact at work, more purpose outside of their careers, more presence with their children, and a deeper connection to themselves.

Their stories inspire us daily. May they inspire you too.

"This program has shown me a new vision of what's possible for my life. "


" I'm learning how to confidently express myself, prioritize my creativity and let go of perfectionist patterns holding me back. I feel revived and energized. "

This community has helped me to step out of the doing it all role in my business into leadership and receiving.

I moved through stagnant feelings that have kept me stuck for years - this has given me so much freedom, I feel like 'her'. The level of thoughtfulness, and such a safe space to grow, heal and learn is incredible, I feel so cared for!


It was a never ending cycle of burnout and I couldn't keep up with myself. I now know a healthier way to lead myself, my business and my life. I feel more present, grounded and well resourced.  


“Before I joined this community I would continue to run myself into the ground. I would hit the pillow at night wondering - did I do enough?


"I never stopped to celebrate, there was always an expectation of more. "

This space is life-changing and empowering. Implementing the tools I learned here has given me back hours of time, energy and permission to take space for myself. I loved the integrated approach of life and business. This was a 10/10 for value and investment!

“Mandy has a way of structuring things and delivering systems in such a simple and approachable way. She turns a big picture vision into an achievable HOW. This allows me to think and dream bigger! 


“Before joining, I felt alone and frustrated. Chasing flashing lights or the next big thing, I was failing at creating focus and enjoying the journey."

“From the moment I stepped into the space, I felt a sense of unity & connection, every woman shared a common purpose. ”

Now I celebrate myself and my progress more - which makes life more fun. I've learned to relax and simultaneously am working with clients I love, doing what I enjoy. Life is good. 


This space has helped me realize that I can be in a place of non-striving sometimes so I can just sit with where I am now. This group has contributed to my confidence to find my voice as a leader and, do it my way. I have such a great appreciation for myself and what I have accomplished when I sit with the other women and hear what we have all created.  


If you're a whole-hearted
f*ck yes to reclaiming who you really are ( without your armour ) you'll love it here.

— Mandy Balak, Founder